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Otis is a different kind of soul outfit. Inspired by Stax and Otis Redding, we’re a house band backing a rotating roster of sizzling soul singers. Our inspiration is the music of Memphis, Booker T. and everything Stax. The groove is gritty, tight and stripped to its raw essence. The vocal performance is front and center. Otis is no tribute band. We’re creating our own sound and songs. In the meantime, we’re shedding and performing lesser known soul nuggets.


Lustr is a modern melange of Cali boom bap, funky basslines, syncopated guitar, and sultry vocals. Featuring Bay Area heavies Erin Honeywell, Michael Wynar, and Maitre D, Lustr combines a love of old-school soul with fresh nu-disco and infectious pop sensibilities to create the perfect feel-good moment for commercial use and music licensing placements. For more information, contact

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